Timings - Monday-Wed: 9:00 AM – 12.00 PM & 4:00 PM - 8:30 PM Thu - Sunday / Holidays: 9.00 AM to 8.30 PM

Devotees interested in making donations for the Temple can do so either by cash, cheque, money order and credit card.  Please note that contributions made to Sai Temple are tax--deductible.

Please make cheques and money orders payable to Sai Temple PA

Mailing Address: Sai Temple, 1100 Osborne Rd, Downingtown PA 19335

Donate Baba Shawls, available at Temple, ask priest for more information.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Temple Events


September schedule 2017

3rd Sept. Sunday 5:00 pm Ganesh Shobha Yatra (Ganesh visarjan)

5th Sept. Tuesday  7:00 pm Sri Sathyanarayana vratham Group Pooja

6th Sept. Wednesday "MAHALAYA PAKSHA" (Pitru pakhsa began )

9th Sept. Saturday "Sankata Hara chathurthi" 7:00 pm Ganesh Abhishekam & Pooja

16th Sept. Saturday " NarayanaAsthakshari havan"
10:30 am

19th Sept. Tuesday Pitru paksha end
(Pitru tarpanalu Group
first batch 7:00am
Second batch 8:00am

20th Sept. Wednesday "DURGA NAVRATHRI"
(Sharannavarathri) began and BABA'S 99th MAHA SAMADHI GRAND CELEBRATIONS
9:30 am
Kalasha sthapana  jaw sthapana
Abhishekam And Havan
Alankaram - BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI (bhog- milk rice , any kind of sweet)
7:00pm Lalitha Sahasranama chanting

21st Sept. Thursday
Alankaram- Shri Gayathri Devi 10:30am Gayathri Havan
(Bhog- Pulihora, Tamarind rice)
7:00 pm Lalitha Sahasranama chanting

22nd Sept. Friday
Alankaram- Shri Mahalakshmi
10:30 am  Lakshmi Havan
(Bhog-Rava Kesari, seera)

23rd Sept. Saturday "MATHA CHOWKI" 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Alankaram- Vasavi kanyaka parameseari 10:30am Havan
(Bhog- garelu,ariselu, any kind of sweets and snacks)
6:30 pm kanyaka Puja ( bring your kids) turmeric,Kumkum,sandal powder, bangles,fruits, flowers, beetel leaves-1pack,(Blouse piece-1 red or yellow colour)
7:00 pm Lalitha Sahasranama chanting

24th Sept. Sunday
Alankaram- Annapoorna Devi
10:30 am Havan
(Bhog-coconut rice)
12:30 pm Anna Danam (Maha Prasad)
7:00pm Lalitha Sahasranama chanting

25th Sept. Monday
Alankaram-Lalitha Tripura sundari
(Bhog- Allam garelu,medhu vada)
10:30 am Havan
7:00pm Lalitha Sahasranama chanting

26th Sept. Tuesday
Alankaram-Mangala Gouri
10:30am Havan
6:30 pm suvasini Pooja
7:00 pm Lalitha Sahasranama chanting

27th Sept. Wednesday
Alankaram-  Shri Saraswathi Devi
(Bhog-Curd rice)
10:30 Havan
6:30 pm Akshara sweekaram (Vidyabhyasam) for kids
7:00pm Lalitha Sahasranama chanting

28th Sept. Thursday "DURGASHTAMI'
Alankaram- Durga maa
10:30am Durga Chandi Havan
(Bhog- kadambam, mixed vegetable rice)
7:00pm Lalitha Sahasranama chanting
29th Friday "MAHARNAVAMI"
Alankaram- Mahishasura mardini
(Bhog-Jaggery rice, bellam Annam)
10:30am Havan
Vehicle pooja,
7:00pm Lalitha Sahasranama chanting

30th Sept. Saturday "VIJAYA DASHAMI "
Maha samadhi day  "samadhi Pooja"6:30pm
7:00pm Ayudha pooja
7:30pm to 9:00pm BHAJANS and sathsang
9:00pm Shej Aarthi
Alankaram- shri Raja Rajeshwari
(Bhog- paramannam all kind of prasadams)
All day special Archana to goddess Durga maa







Upcoming Events

Temple Address

* 1100 Osborne Rd, Downingtown PA 19335
*Tel: 610-269-1112
* Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Temple Timings

 Monday- Wed:
 9:00 AM – 12.00 PM
  and 4:00 PM - 8:30 PM
 Thu - Sunday / Holidays
 9.00 AM to 8.30 PM

Aarthi Schedule

About Temple

With blessings of Sadguru Shri Sainath, a group of devout families have initiated the efforts to open a Sai Temple in the city of Downingtown, PA.  The temple sits on 21 acre land owned by non-profit organization called “Sai Temple, Inc.”.